20 years ago, the drama of a Curtain Close was the bastion of London's West End, or an end of year school extravaganza.

Now, as we move into the era of the "Internet of Things", we too can enjoy our own dramatic curtain close every night.

With companies such as Somfy, and Luxaflex joining established players like Silent Gliss and Lutron, controlling your curtains automatically has never been easier.

And, whilst you may not be Gieldud or Olivier, there are still plenty of good reasons to automate the curtains and blinds in your own personal living space.

Whether your travel trips leave your home security on high alert, or your favourite Box Set on Netflix keeps you glued to your sofa, having control of your window drapes, lighting, and sound system at the touch a button is ever more important..

With a whole range of suppliers now linking their devices it has become even easier to take control.

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