Light up the room whilst working from home

Whilst working from home maybe normal for some, to a vast majority these unusual times might mean we are spending far more time in just one place than we have ever been used to before.

No more early starts and the long commute to the office. Gone are the trips to the coffee shop, or stopping off at our favourite meeting place or the gym, on our way home.

Stuck indoors is the new way of life, and the lack of contact with the outdoor world and natural light, can not only change our mood, but can also affect out health.

Creating the right working environment is essential to get us through these times and here are a few tips to light up those days in your new workplace.

Fresh Air, fresh ideas.

Freshen up your indoor space by opening up the windows to allow in elements from the outdoors. The arrival of Spring brings wonderful sounds from the local wildlife, and the sense of the garden coming to life

Inspired by natural highlights of your Garden

Longer days, and the warmth of spring sunshine is one of the few treats we are blessed with right now.

Give the glass in you windows a bit of TLC, and get rid of the dreary winter film, and your interior space will take on a new life.

Move your desk closer to the window, take more enjoyment from our natural light, and whether it be your own private garden or the communal park, be inspired by the world outside.

The New Outdoors

We may all have to limit our time outside, so why not bring some colour and life inside with a new house plant. It may not be something you have considered before, but caring for a plant indoors can be a very rewarding addition to your daily routine, and may be better company than you think.

Luxaflex Duette® Shades

A good work area needs plenty of light, but at the same time you don't want any glare on your laptop or computer. Duette Shades are the perfect way to control the amount of light coming into the room throughout the day, plus their simple to clean and easy to maintain.

If you want to know more about the latest options for blinds for your Home Office please get in touch.

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